Jim Bowers
Jim Bowers
Jim Bowers was the National Anthem singer for the North Stars from the mid 70's until their last year in 1993.
Originally, he was an opera singer who performed at various functions around the Twin Cities. He began  singing the National Anthem at Twins games. Later he sang the anthem for the Fighting Saints and finally the North Stars.
After the North Stars left town, he would make guest appearances at sporting events in the Twin Cities. I saw him sing the Anthem at a Twins game in the 90s. The last time I saw him was about 10 years ago when he sang the anthem at a Wild game.

Click Here to hear Jim Bowers sing the National Anthem at the Met Center
It's funny how certain insignificant things seem to stick in your mind. Here is something that I remember from a North Star game long ago. The LA Kings were in town and it was probably when Harold Baldwin owned the team. He was the one with the Hollywood connections. This night there was a  celebrity  guest singer. She sang her own version of the anthem by adding extra syllables to many of the words. After the anthem and before the puck drop, I was in the concourse visiting my favorite vender. He said to me, "They should stick with big Jim. He sings it the way it was written".

Anyone having more information on Jim, please pass it along as there seems to be a lot of interest from former fans of the North Stars.